The Problematic is a collaborative project to hold the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department accountable.

After a judge ruled in favor of the sheriff’s union in July 2017 to block Sheriff McDonnell’s list of 300 problematic deputies from being made available to prosecutors we decided to make our own list with data collected from news sources, public records, and the survivors of sheriff violence. All salary information is the latest available through Transparent California. All deputies are assumed to be employed currently.

Police have extra protections due to “law enforcement officer bill of rights,” mainly thanks to the lobbying power of the police unions. Even when a deputy has committed serious misconduct there are many methods they may use to avoid accountability including but not limited to a grievance hearing, Skelly hearing, employee relations hearing, civil service hearing, or lawsuit. The system was not designed to protect the lives of Black and Brown people, it was designed to protect law enforcement officers that commit misconduct. Consider The Problematic one of the first steps in a redesign.

According to the LASD problematic includes:

  1. Immoral conduct
  2. Bribes, rewards, loans, gifts, favors
  3. Misappropriation of property
  4. Tampering with evidence
  5. False statements
  6. Failure to make statements and/or making false statements during departmental internal investigations
  7. Obstructing an investigation/influencing a witness
  8. False information in records
  9. Discriminatory harassment
  10. Unreasonable force
  11. Family violence

We’ve also added lethal force.

For more information please see our page of solutions.

Organizational contributors include Dignity and Power Now.

If you’ve experienced sheriff violence send us a tip.